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havent updated in a while [Saturday]
[ mood | cheerful ]

yesterday after school gabby, jackie, allison, sam, tatiana, rachel, gina, and steph came over and we hung out and played DDR.... then they all left except 4 gabby and her mom picked us up. She drove us to the movies to see monster in law with allison, tatiana, rachel, gina, melissa, erin, ashley, mike, jason, and danny. after the movies we ran across the street to friendlys and almost got hit by cars cuz the frickin post road doesnt have any crosswalks. in friendlys everyone stared at our table because we were bein really loud and annoying but it was sooo much fun. gabbys mom picked after and then i slept over her house and we just chilled and ate chinese food at like midnight. then we went to sleep and this morning we chilled outside. I got home a little while ago and now im here.....leave a comment plz!!!<3

broken hearts<3

ouch...... [Wednesday]
[ mood | sore ]

at my softball game on monday i got hit in the mouth with a softball and it was like all bloody and it reallllly hurts. i cant talk, smile, or eat. it really sux!!!
today was really boring and nothing good happened :(

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broken hearts<3

havent updated in a few dayz........ [Sunday]
[ mood | groggy ]

hmmm....lets see........
friday night i slept over allisons house and morgan came over there 2 and it was really fun.
yesterday i played DDR with my cousin and then i went to my grandmas house to visit and after that i went to coldstone creamery<---yummmmm
today i just hung aroundthe house and then im goin to softball practice at 3.
after that my cousins eva, nicole, and brittany are comin over :)

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broken hearts<3

[ mood | blah ]

haven't updated in a few days........nd thats about it

school was boring like always
then i came home and did my Frickin homework and then i played DDR on heavy mode_oh yeah...go me!!!
nd then i practiced my guitar for about an hour cuz chicks can play guitar 2
well ow im gonna go take a hot shower and then im gonna go to bed....*goodnight* x0x0_*~vicky~*_x0x0

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broken hearts<3

heyyo [Sunday]
[ mood | ditzy ]

this morning i had to go to church and i was bored and then i had to visit my grandma im the old people home. and the i came home and my mommy took me jackie C.,brooke N., and gabby C. mini golfing. then we all came back to my house n we played DDR and then gave each other crazy makeovers and took pictures of each other.we looked so wierd. and sam came over for a few minutes but then she went home. everyone just left a little while ago and now im gonna hit the sack cuz i have to go to school in the morning:(
leave a comment......x0x_vicky_x0x

broken hearts<3

whoa! [Saturday]
[ mood | chipper ]

wowzers.....today was boring....i woke up then i took a shower......
then i got dressed.....then i did shiat and then i did my hw......and now gabbys coming over so i wont be bored anymore:) leave a comment<33

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bored [Friday]
[ mood | high ]

last night was fun. i slept over morgans house and we went to chilis at like 9 and then we went back to her house and watched napolean dynamite<33.then i went to bed. then this morning i came home and babysat my cousins carter and avery who are soooo cute<33.and now im here so *leave a comment*

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vacations almost over!!...... [Thursday]
[ mood | quixotic ]

brooke slept over last night and it was sooo much fun. we played DDR and did other stuff. after she left this morning i went shopping with my mom and sister at the mall beacause i need capris and i bought a pair at forever 21.then i came home and went outside with sam and then i had to clean my room which sucked. now im getting ready to sleepover morgans for the night to have more fun:)

broken hearts<3

heyy [Wednesday]
[ mood | bored ]

heyy people! i think somethings wrong with my live journal. i have to figure out how to fix it. :(

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yay!!!! [Tuesday]
[ mood | tired ]

thnx jackie for making my live journal and for telling me how to do it!!!! luv ya!<3
Today i went to manhattan with my "rents" and sister and sam. it was so much fun. we went to like china town and my mom bought like 4 knockoff coach purses. i bought a von dutch trucker hat thats pink and checkerboard and then i bought really cute pink earings and a pink studded belt. it was really fun.
then me and sam missed softball practice and we like only played for 10 minutes but it was fun anyways. then i went to conezone with sam. and now im on the phone with jackie_...._byebye luv ya x0x0_Vicky_x0x0

1 & broken hearts<3

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